Monday, October 21, 2013

5 simple steps to losing weight

5 Simple Steps to Losing Weight

Uncover the five simple steps to stopping the madness and finally getting on track to consistent weight loss. Get the full picture of the path you will take and build your accountability team to make sure you get there.

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If you are carrying around a few (I use that term loosely) extra pounds like most of us are, you all know all the reasons why we should take the weight off. It will reduce stress on our heart, reducing the chance of heart disease, cancer, possibility of diabetes; feel better, look more attractive, etc.

There are 101 reasons why, but it can be a real pain to finally get that weight off. You push really hard, make a little progress, get side tracked, and bam you are heavier then you started.

Its maddening. Enough with that hassle, I have put together 5 simple steps to actually losing weight and keeping it off. These steps can be applied to anything, but we are focusing on weight loss here.

1.     Know What You Want
2.     Know Where You Are
3.     Track Your Results
4.     Make Course Corrections
5.     Being held Accountable

Now all your extra weight will effortlessly melt


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