Sunday, October 20, 2013

6 ways to use customer sales newsletters

6 Ways To Use Customer & Sales Newsletters

A customer, sales, or marketing newsletter can be a powerful tool for building business, both within and outside the company.

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Sell More Higher-Margin Products
Businesses that find they're not earning much profit, despite strong sales, may have allowed low-margin products to become their mainstay.

A newsletter can emphasize higher margin products, among both customers and employees. For employees, reiterate the benefits (for them and the company) of selling a product or set of products with a higher profit margin. For customers, let them know these products exist, how to buy them, and outline the benefits of using them.

Go From Commodity To Branded Status
Control over pricing is one important advantage a branded product provides over a commodity. Of course, the process of moving a product to branded status starts with incorporation of some value-added feature. But once you add that value you want to make sure your customers know.

A marketing newsletter provides critical communication for the branding process. After all, increasing the cost of a commodity without explaining benefits could lead customers to switch to another


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